Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

*(these responses were PRE-COVID19)*


1. Do you accept any kind of dancers?

A: Yes! We welcome anyone with a passion for dance or acrobatics to try out for the group. Drop in to ballet class anytime to talk to us about a formal audition.


2. What does it cost to take part in classes?

A: Drop in ballet classes are $20 per class or $100 per month. If you are made into an active member of the ensemble, you can choose to pay $80 monthly, or $400 per semester (6 months).


3. What kind of commitment is expected of me as a member?

A: Rehearsals are currently mandatory twice a week

-Wednesdays and/or Fridays from 7:00-9:30pm

-There are also technique/workshop classes on Sundays from 12:00-2:00 pm.

Suzirya performs around twice a month on average. Commitment expected from membership varies by performance. For example, we may use a smaller group number for a community performance, however we expect our full membership present at performances such as Calgary Ukrainian Festival.

We usually have two major performances/fundraisers in a year. The first is our Malanka which takes place in January, and our annual show, which has no fixed annual timeframe.

Membership is also expected to volunteer for the organization by way of monthly bingo and casino shifts.     


4. How flexible is Suzirya with students?

A: At all times, Suzirya plays host to a group of students of varying commitment levels. We understand that exams and prep classes are a vital part of getting an education and we allow for the occasional missed rehearsal provided the artistic director is notified prior to the rehearsal either in person or via phone call.


5. What does rehearsal consist of?

A: One hour of Vaganova ballet split between barre and floor technique, followed by Ukrainian choreography work, usually preparing for the next performance on our schedule.