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Suzirya is always on the lookout for exceptional talent! We welcome passionate, talented individuals who are confident in their dance, acrobatics, or gymnastics skills. Auditions are held twice a year in the spring and fall, and the option to arrange a personal audition during regular rehearsal times. If you're ready to take your skills to the next level in performance and touring we encourage you to try a rehearsal with Suzirya and see where your passion will take you!


Take a look at our events page to see if we have Auditions scheduled in the near future!

Rehearse with Suzirya

We invite all dancers who are interested in joining our team to attend our rehearsals before auditioning. Our Artistic Team Director, Mr. Trevor Shular, leads regular rehearsals that include advanced Vaganova Barre, centre work, variations, and choreography/character dance. Each class runs for approximately three hours. Please contact us for updated scheduling.

Male Technique/Choreography 

Directed by Mr. Yevgen Tregubov to enhance your dance skills, sessions are tailored for men to focus on their technique, form, and style through various variations, drawing inspiration from P. Virsky's repertoire and style. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your tricks and become a confident performer. 

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