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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Artistic Team Director

Trevor Shular


Suzirya is privileged to have Mr. Shular lead our developing artistic team as we move towards our 20th Anniversary. As a co-founder of the organization in 2004, Mr. Shular continues to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Suzirya. Outside of fulfilling his own passion for dance, he has 30 years of teaching experience and is a graduate of the Averamenko Institute of Folk Dance in Lviv, Ukraine. Through his career, he continues his growth through current workshops in Ukraine with studies in folklore, costumes, music and dance. 

As a performing artist of 25 years, he has worked with numerous companies with tours worldwide , entertaining across Canada, USA, Europe, and Australia.

Male Technique/Choreography Director

Yevgen Tregubov

Yevgen Tregubov

As a graduate of State honored ensemble of Yunist, in Lviv Ukraine, Mr. Tregubov also embraced Ukraine’s (formally Soviet) Army of song and dance. He was thoroughly educated with the direction and discipline of Major Firsov, while being trained in ballet from Genadiy Minkh. Following his time in the army, Mr. Tregubov was accepted into the Virsky Ukrainian State dance company. Through his time spent with Virsky, he toured  many Countries and captured the title of soloist in numerous numbers under Myroslav Vantuhk’s direction.

After an elusive career with Virsky, Mr. Tregubov arrived  in the Czech Republic, where as a professional dancer, adapted new dance styles and technique to later work with renowned Broadway companies, including the Switzerland Broadway. Entertaining audiences to multiple productions such as Dracula, Keep Cool, Hank Hoover, Some Like it Hot, Beauty and the Beast, and Swing Kids. Specific styles of dance that later brought him to Canada were swing dance and a rhythmic, raw tap dance.

New to Canada, Mr. Tregubov worked with the Broadway Company, "Van Arden Inc." He maintained his dancer status with this company as well as providing choreography. Along with his Broadway career in Canada, he also joined former soloists of  Virsky, "Virsky Stars" and was able to inspire fellow dancers by researching and adapting tricks and solo’s from their own dance experiences. After settling in Canada, Mr.Tregubov  opened his own company known as "Swing Kids."

Since 2006, Mr. Tregubov has resided in Calgary, Alberta and continues to inspire dancers to their fullest level of potential. Mr. Tregubov’s hopes are to convey his professionalism, expertise, and talent to Alberta’s next generation, so they may capture the same dedication to the stage.

Founding Artistic Director

Honorary Lifetime Artistic Director

Serguei Makarov

Mr. Makarov's vision of folklore ballet embodies the spirit of what Suzirya Ukrainian Dance theatre is today. From our name and historic repertoire,  to our dedication  in presenting high calibre performances, Mr. Makarov has been and remains the pillar of Suzirya Ukrainian Dance Theatre.

His seeds of life development continue  to grow in dancers of a new generation, and as such, he was  recently awarded as our 'Honorary Lifetime Artistic Director' 

As a graduate of Kharkiv Ballet school, Mr. Makarov began  his career with P. Virsky State Dance  Ensemble and one of the few whom remain taught directly from Pavlo Virsky. Mr. Makarov has been sought after worldwide for his choreographic genius, rigorous and precise dance instruction. For nearly 20 years, Suzirya has been humbled to have captured and brought to life his creative talents in full length productions, and repertoire. 

We continue to keep his vision for Suzirya moving forward with many years to come. 


Artistic Team - Multiple Roles

Part time - Fixed contract term

Suzirya is currently hiring multiple roles based on experience and knowledge to be an integral part of the Artistic team, supporting and guiding the development of the professional dancers. A successful candidate will have a strong appreciation for collaboration and teamwork, allowing Suzirya to leverage the full potential of a collective artistic practice while pursuing the highest level of performance. Currently We are looking to create our artistic team to provide professional skilled expertise in Vaganova ballet, acrobatics, conditioning, folk dance, and accordionists. Suzirya offers a competitive salary and flexible schedule along with an exciting opportunity to be a fundamental part in aiding Suzirya as we embark our 20th year anniversary and thereafter. If you feel you meet this criteria, we want to hear from you!


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